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The WordPress White screen of death is one of the most common mistakes in WordPress. This is one of the best frustrating ones because there are no error messages, and you are out of WordPress.

The problem with the white screen of death error is that sometimes it only affects a specific part of your website.

For Example, You can only see the white screen of death in WordPress and admin

In other cases, you can only see it on one particular post, while everything else works fine. In this post, we will show you how to fix WordPress white screen to death by looking at another solution.

What is The WordPress White Screen of Death?

Most of the time when you see the white screen of death, it means that the script on your website has run out of memory.

Irresponsible scripts are either removed by your WordPress hosting server or run out of time. That’s why no error message is generated, and you see a straight white screen. Sometimes you see a critical error message instead of a plain white screen.

Whether you see a blank screen or the message “An error has occurred on your website”, that is the mistake. This error may be due to a poorly coded theme or plugin on your site. This can sometimes happen if there is a problem with your web hosting server. Since many things can cause a glitch in the white screen, it is important to diagnose it regularly to fix it.

Does The Problem Occur on Your Other WordPress Websites?

If you have other WordPress sites installed on a similar hosting account, you may want to start by checking to see if other sites are having the same problem.

If so, this is a strong indication that something is wrong with your WordPress hosting service. This can be a temporary problem affecting their service, and you need to reach out to them for more help. On the other hand.

Then you know that the problem is with this particular website.

Fixing White Screen Error in WordPress Recovery Mode

If the WordPress plugin or theme causes a white screen of death error, then WordPress may be able to catch it. The fatal error prevention feature introduced in WordPress 5.2 can sometimes catch the error, so you don’t even see the white screen. Instead, you’ll see a message stating that the site is experiencing technical difficulties.

You will also receive an email message at your admin’s email address entitled “Your site has a technical problem.”

This email message will identify the plugin due to an error, and will also contain a unique link. This link will allow you to log in to WordPress Recovery Mode and disable the faulty plugin.

Hover, you were the basic white screen of death without E-mail and recovery style option,

Increasing Memory Limit

Usually, this error occurs because the script runs out of memory and is left in the middle. To fix this, you need to increase the PHP memory available for WordPress. This will allow the script to use more memory to finish the task it was supposed to do.

Disabling All Plugins

If increasing the memory limit didn’t help, or if your memory limit is 256M or 512M, you need to start troubleshooting. In our experience in solving this problem, we have always found that this problem is with a particular plugin.

Let’s go ahead and disable all plugins.

If you can still access the WordPress admin area, you can easily go to the Plugins ┬╗Installed Plugins page. Select all installed plugins and then select “Disable” under the “Bulk Actions” dropdown. however, if you do not have access to the WordPress admin area, you will need to disable all plugins via FTP.

The 1st unite to your WordPress website using an FTP Client. The (unite or connected) once go to the Wp-content your folder where you will look the ‘Plugins’ folder.

If you need to right-click and select, the plugin folder then selects the name. Disable the plugins folder and name. Your FTP client plugin will now rename the folder.

WordPress finds a folder called Plugins to load all plugins. When it cannot find the folder, it simply disables all plugins. If this fixes it then enable one plugin at a time to get to the bottom of the problem. Once you have caused a problem with the plugin, you can replace it with a replacement or report the problem to the plugin authors.

Change Theme From The Default Theme

If troubleshooting plugins doesn’t fix the problem, you should try changing your current theme to the default theme.

First, connect to your website using the FTP client and go to the / wp-content / Themes / Folder. It includes all the themes installed on your website.

Please select your current WordPress theme and right-click to download it to your computer as a backup. Next, you need to delete your current theme from your site.

Right-click on your theme’s folder and select ‘Delete’. Your FTP client will now delete the theme from your site.

Now if a WordPress theme (twenty-eight or twenty-nine) is installed on your website,

WordPress will then automatically start using it as the default theme. However, if you do not have a default theme installed, then you need to install it using FTP manually.

If this fixes the issue, you should check out your theme’s Functions PHP file.

If there are additional spaces at the bottom of the file, you need to remove them, and sometimes this fixes the issue. Suppose you are using the code function in your theme’s functions .php file, then this can also be a white screen of death error. Consider downloading a fresh copy of your theme from its source and then installing it.