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Whether you’re just starting your first WordPress website or your looking to move your current WordPress powered website to a new web hosting provider, we’re here to assist you with a managed WordPress hosting plan that’s a perfect fit for your website needs!



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Our hosting support professionals are here to assist you should any issues arise with your WordPress hosting needs. Feel free to contact hosting support should you need it.

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Managed WordPress Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

Does my WordPress website really get its own dedicated server resources?

Yes! I know call us crazy. But, we’re offering our powerful managed WordPress hosting with dedicated memory, CPU, and SSD storage resources for every hosting customer. These server resources are independent of any other website. That also includes other websites you host with us!

How do you keep my WordPress website Safe and Secure?

We have our automated defense software built right into your hosting package, your sites are monitored, scanned for problems, and kept updated. Our nightly backups offer a one-click restore soluation to help provide that extra peace of mind you need.

Do you offer website analytics with your WordPress Hosting?

Of course, 🙂 Each and every hosting account you have with us have access to our powerful analytics solution. You have access to see your sites’ live stats, visits, storage, bandwidth, and email activity in one easy place.

So, hosting my WordPress website with Spark Disk will make it faster?

Heavens, Yes! We’ve taken the time to learn how to properly optimize our servers for hosting WordPress websites. We’ve included object and page caching, IPv6 support, and a Powerful CDN feature, so our customers websites are beyond fast. Honestly, you’ll have to experience it for yourself.

SEO is important to me. Do you offer a Dedicated IP for my WordPress website?

We know that your SEO (search engine optimization) efforts are a very important process to your digital marketing efforts for your website. So, we include a Free Dedicated IP for each website you host with us. This helps to ensure security, SEO, and reliability for your WordPress business website.

Do you offer a Free SSL Certificate with your WordPress Hosting?

That is correct. We take the security of your website and your website visitors very serious. So, we offer each hosting account a Free SSL Certificate – which is automatically added via Let’s Encrypt – Totally Free!

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Customer Testimonials

I’ve subscribed to the Spark Disk Business Pro Plan and it has saved my business. Spark Disk was the best investment I ever made.

Smith G.

Small Business, Owner

I was amazed at the quality of the Starter Plan. Spark Disk is exactly what our business needing. It’s really simple and affordable. So, I am pleased with the service.

Moises O.

IT Director

I just have the Small Disk Plan it’s plenty for my personal website. Plus, I didn’t even need any training to get started. It’s just amazing!

Ruthanne V.

Internet, Business Owner

30 Days of Free Hosting

Try Spark Disk Hosting Services for free with our 30-day trial to make sure you’re comfortable. To get started all you need to do is register a domain and you’re free to use our web hosting absolutely free for an entire month. At Spark Disk, we know that you’ll find our powerful, yet simple, user-friendly cPanel hosting to be the best option for your online business.