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We Makes App That Make The Web Work For You

The web is a complicated place. It’s easy to get lost in all of the information on it, and sometimes you just need an extra helping hand! That’s where Spark Disk comes into play – with apps like “Social Post Planner” or “Say Hippo“, Spark Disk creates apps that help to make the web a more friendly place to do business.

Wordpress Hosting

With our powerful and feature rich WordPress hosting, you can host your blog or website with ease. You will have access to an easy-to provide Samples page so that all of the necessary tools are at hand for setting up a new site in just minutes!

Powerful WordPress Plugins

The Spark Disk team has created a selection of powerful WordPress plugins to help you do more with your site.

Lead Generation

Spark Disk can help you find more leads by using our data-driven approach to targeting specific industries and customer segments.

Social Sharing

With our service, you can save time and optimize your profile management on social networks. Visually plan posts to be automatized at the right moment – it’s like having a social media assistant in real life!

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Our Story

Our Mission is to Help Small Business Owners Work Smarter & Faster.

Inspired by the Web’s open, collaborative culture we set out to build apps and services that would make it a better place. We wanted people with different perspectives on how they could do this work together in harmony; not only because of what our products offered but also just being able meet new small business owners who all have seriously amazing ideas!

“By building apps, websites and other media we have been able to build our dream of a better more productive creative web for the world.”

Happy Colaborating,

Bobby D. Badboy, CEO
Spark Disk Technology


Meet The Team

Bobby D Badboy CEO Founder of Spark Disk

Bobby D. Badboy

Founder & CEO

The founder and CEO of Spark Disk Technology, Bobby D has been making waves in the world since he launched his company. He is not just an entrepreneur; with each new invention comes innovation that will change how we use our computers for years to come!

Emily Silverton Spark Disk

Emily Silverton

Product In-Sights Developer

Emily Silverton is the Product In-sights Developer for spark disk. She spends her time analyzing user behavior and feedback along with working closely with engineers and data scientists to come up with insights that will help shape our products in a way we never thought possible before!

Peter Teal Spark Disk

Peter Young

App Developer & Designer

Peter Young is a developer and app designer at Spark Disk. He’s been working in the field for more than six years, developing apps on Web, iOS, as well Android platforms. Peter’s expertise with mobile apps helps to ensure that our apps run smoothly across all major web-enabled devices.

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Use The Power of Your Users to Drive Engagement and Grow Sales.

Spark Disk’s suite of apps and services will help you to use the power of your users in a way that drives engagement, and sales growth.

Apps & Services


Ad Ideal
Drive Appy
Falcon Send
Pop My Social
Say Hippo
Social Post Planner

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If you’re looking for a way to connect with your users, Spark Disk is the answer! Our suite of apps and services allow people on all different levels in an organization (from executives down) which help them grow through engagement. This ultimately leads into more sales—you’ll be able achieve anything when using our amazing apps and servics.